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To define in simple words, proteins are a part of every cell and tissue, including the muscles of the human body. Human bodies constantly recycle proteins on a daily basis. Proteins constitute essential and non-essential amino acids which are the building blocks of our body.

Proteins can be found in eggs, fish, meat, poultry products, and milk products. But people who want to grow muscles must consume an extra ounce of proteins. Therefore has brought some of the best protein for muscle growth. These include:

B 12: One of the best protein for muscle growth, the ‘B 12 Boost’ boosts your physical and mental energy. It fastens the production of red blood cells, more oxygen, and ultimately saves you from fatigue. So next time when you feel like dozing off, try taking B12 Boost instead of caffeine.

Liquid vitamin D3: Liquid Vitamin D3, available on, is a great health booster. This product is indeed one of the best proteins for muscle growth as it keeps your bone health and also strengthens your immunity. It contains natural vitamin D3 extracted from plants, fish, and egg yolk. Just squeeze the liquid, and take with every meal.

Maximum Energy B12 Shot: This protein supplement is caffeine-free, stimulant-free, and provides natural energy. A natural source of vitamin B12 is one of the best protein for muscle growth.

Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy: The ON Amino Energy supplement is best to acquire instant energy and increase your concentration. Moreover, this product contains caffeine from natural sources. The most suitable time to take this protein supplement is during and after exercise as it helps in muscle recovery. Above all, this ON Amino Energy supplement is a brilliant source of BCAAs, essential amino acids for strengthening muscles.

Recommended Intakes of Protein

When we consider the best proteins for muscle growth, it is necessary to check the amount of protein intake. Here is a guide to the same:

To start with, on average one should consume 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram or 0.35 grams per pound of body weight per day for general health. Also, this amount of protein intake must be accompanied by a good active lifestyle because those who are physically active tend to live longer, healthier lives. A 30 minutes walk, moderate physical activity, and routine exercise will do good.

Scientific reasons to take proteins

There are abundant scientific reasons behind consuming the best protein for muscle growth. These reasons include:

Reduces appetite: Protein supplements are quite fulfilling, they can substitute well enough for a whole meal. As a result, you are saved from gaining extra weight. A protein-rich supplement helps in reducing hunger, eating fewer calories, and controlling weight- regulating hormones.

Muscle strength: Not only do protein supplements increase muscle mass but also adds to muscle strength. If you are physically active, or you are into a gym, and extensive work- out programs then ensure that you continuously take a protein supplements. Since physical activities degenerate our muscles, protein helps in faster regeneration of them so it’s a recommended post work- out supplement.

Bones: Above all, protein supplements save calcium loss from your body that often occurs because of acidity. People who take sufficient protein reduces the risk of osteoporosis and have better bone health.

The moral of the story is that protein supplements cannot be ignored if you want to strengthen your muscles. So get a bunch of them and stay healthy.

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